We Renovate Your Bathroom to Modern Style:

Despite being just a place for relaxing, getting refreshed and ready, every person needs his bathroom to be renovated once in life. Having done properly, bathroom renovations can be a source of healthy investment as they show your house’s aesthetic style. Desi Plumbers holds the experience to transform your dream bathroom into reality.

Our professional designers and craftsmen are always ready to turn your concepts into existence. From installing a new sink, new glass shower door, elegant tiling or styling, we offer full bathroom renovation services to our customers.

Desi Plumbers Overhauls Your Ideas:

Renovating a bathroom is not an easy job. It is a big project which needs extensive care under good hands. We execute our bathroom renovation services in a timely and competitive manner. We believe in delivering results that live up to our client’s expectations while being economically friendly at the same time. Some of our overhauling includes:

  • Designing and floor installation.
  • Cabinetry, electrical and hardware installation.
  • Walk-in tub installation.
  • Tiles and marble installation.
  • Lightning configuration.
  • Shower door and mirror installation.
  • Sink installation and paint services.

Considering a Bathroom Renovation? Choose the Best like Desi Plumbers!

Renovations can be hectic, but having our one professional and expert staff handle everything makes things a lot easier. Rather than dealing with a slew of different contractors, you’ll simply have to deal with one. You can simply sit and relax while we coordinate it all and ensure that your bathroom layout is realized precisely how you’d expect. So, get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and to get a quote at a competitive price.

Meet the experts in Bathroom Renovations

Are you looking for reliable solutions for your plumbing and bathroom renovation requirements? Desi Plumbers are popular for their professional and totally dependable services. Our team of experts strives to provide quality and quick bathroom renovation services across the cities of Melbourne. We exist on gumtree, implying we are not expensive.

Why Plumbers and not Tilers for your bathroom renovation?

If you are planning to renovate your existing bathrooms, you can comfortably rely on our team of bathroom renovators for quality bathrooms. Ensure the best bathroom renovation in Melbourne. Or if you are looking forward to changing the aesthetics of your homes, bathroom renovation experts are the ultimate people to come to. Our plumbers hold a consistent and strong reputation for amazing bathroom renovation in Melbourne. Tiles are quite basic in nature. Gain more insights into why our bathroom renovators are best for your bathroom renovation:

Leakage under shower

Due to incorrect installation or missing puddle flange, frequent drain blockage due to poor plumbing, flexi hose bursting and flooding the house, leak behind walls and tiles, leakage occurs. We believe that if your plumbing and waterproofing i.e. foundation is right, everything else is less expensive to fix and is more cosmetic. We use smart traps, pex fitting flexi hoses, big-size drain pipes to allow easy flow of water, and much more.

A leaky shower is a very common issue in new as well as old homes in Melbourne.  We at Desi Plumbers not only specialize in initial shower leak detection but also offer a complete shower repair and renovation within Melbourne.  If you see moisture damage around the corners of the shower or on the other side of the wall, it’s alarming and requires pressure and drain tests to determine the leak spot.  Let’s list out some common reasons or soft spots resulting in leaky showers:

  • Gaps around the shower taps can result in splashing water from the shower making its way behind the tiles. For this reason, it is critical that the waterproofing and taping are done correctly around the blue board or cement sheet.
  • Gaps around the shower spout.
  • Breaks in waterproofing. This is quite a common issue and happens due to house movement or missing waterproofing.
  • Drain leaks could also result in water penetrating under the tiles or shower base.

It’s never a good idea to ignore or leave a leak unattended.  Small or moisture-related leaks are more harmful.  Waterproofing leaks can lead to invitations to termites too so you better get specialists to attend and check the leak.

Open communication

We ensure open lines of communication between our experts and customers. You can contact us anytime and we provide you with a complete report from the concept to completion beyond. We abide by the safety policies to ensure there is no disruption to your surrounding environment. We accomplish all the processes on time with guaranteed performance.

Professionalism maintained

Our bathroom renovators understand your requirements, conduct inspections, and help you with the budget analysis with complete focus to carry out operational tasks. Desi Plumbers aim to provide easy and best bathroom renovation in Melbourne to achieve efficient and timely results. Our experienced professionals are well-versed with the modern trends of bathroom renovation. We ensure a high quality of workmanship. We help you achieve unsurpassed results with a concrete quality management system.

Clean bathroom renovation for You

We at Desi Plumbers offer durable plumbing and bathroom renovation solutions for a wide range of residential and commercial sites. Our team members are professionally trained and have extensive experience in their trade. We ensure all the installation, repair, and maintenance processes are conducted meticulously. Desi Plumbers and the best bathroom renovation team of professionals are available 24*7 & to meet your emergency plumbing needs when you need them the most. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our experienced professionals have garnered an immense reputation for quality service. We are ever ready to help you with your queries. We keep you well-informed with the details of the inspection and answer all your queries.

Our rich spectrum of bathroom renovation services in Melbourne include:

  • Complete demolition and disposal.
  • Asbestos checks and removal if needed.
  • Plumbing modification if required.
  • Waterproofing and tiling.
  • Fit off shower base, screen, vanity, and toilets.
  • We take extra care to eliminate any possible leakage in the future.
  • Our extensive maintenance experience gives the confidence to set and build things right i.e. eliminate the risks and cover common leakage issues.

If you happen to be looking to get bathroom renovators or shower repair/leak around Wantirna, Glen Waverly, Knox, Rowville, Vermont, and Melbourne, reach the most preferred, licensed, and qualified bathroom renovation company now. Happy to visit you within a day’s notice at your premises or you may visit us at our office at 24 blind creek ln, Wantirna south 3152, for a design-related meeting with an appointment.

Before Renovation

After Renovation