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We’re the Leak Inspection Experts:

An increasing water bill is sometimes the sole indication that there is a leak. If not handled properly, these issues can result in either personal or financial trouble. Desi Plumbers experts identify the leak quickly and efficiently. Water leaks are very difficult to repair and always necessitate the assistance of a skilled plumber. If you discover any cracks in your foundation, random wet areas around your property, or any symptoms of leaky pipes, Desi Plumbers is the one you should call.

We Inspect and Process:

Bursting pipes, leaking shower valves, reduced water flow, hot water bursts or clogged drain are all examples of common shower leaks. The most frequent sign of a shower leakage in the bathroom involves water stains on the ceiling, convex plasters and swelling of joists. Desi Plumbers has an expert team of shower leak detection which provides tailored diagnostics and solutions to you anytime or anywhere in Melbourne.

  • We perform thermal imaging and moisture mapping in pre-test analysis.
  • Our professionals inspect the leaks with pressure testing.
  • Performing Flood tests in shower base.
  • Testing shower walls and screens.
  • Waterproof testing.
  • No call-out fees.
  • Fully licensed plumbers.

Concerned about a Leaking Shower?

We at Desi Plumbers understand the necessity of detecting and repairing leaks as soon as possible. We are always accessible to our clients. Allowing a plumbing leak to continue might result in significant property damage. We’ve built a reputation in Melbourne for providing dependable shower leak detection service. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to call us right away or fill out the form for an appointment.


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