We Quickly Unblock your Sink Drain

Blocked sink drains are more common than you might believe, owing to the fact that your kitchen sink is used several times per day, increasing the chances of a progressively clogged sink drain. A clogged kitchen sink is something that many people try to solve on their own. This is due to the possibility that the sink is partially stopped and will drain slowly for some time. Desi Plumbers team of experts will unblock your sink in no time at any hour.

What Causes the Blocked Sink?

Sinks clog in the majority of situations as a result of improperly flushed things. Although a variety of items can clog a pipe, food and grease are the most common causes of sink clogs. Food is the most likely cause of your clogged sink. Leftover food will naturally make its way down the drain when you wash your dishes. One of the worst things to flush down the drain is grease. Rather than flushing this sticky substance, collect it in cans, let it cool, and then discard it.

You Can Trust Our Professional Services

We offer a diverse set of services. Our outstanding plumbers provide unequaled service when it comes to removing blockages in a timely manner.

  • Residential and commercial plumbing services
  • Hot water heater repair services
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Drains, sinks, and toilets that are clogged

We endeavor to provide you with the most comprehensive and inexpensive service possible as one of the leading Drainage and Plumbing businesses in Melbourne. Identify Drainage and Plumbing takes pride in being dependable, trustworthy, and extremely proficient at what we do, using cutting-edge technology. We are professionals in unblocking sinks or drains and provide emergency drainage services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Unblock Your Sink Drain with Desi Plumbers

It is very inconvenient to work through a blocked sink drain. The foul odor, the blockage within the sink drain attracts insects, rats and bacteria as well. Eventually, your blocked sink drain will lead to health and hygiene issues at home or workplace. With Desi Plumbers, treat your blocked kitchen sink with experts on board.

Clear Your Blocked Kitchen Sink

It is frustrating to come home to a blocked kitchen sink, especially when it hinders our daily routine, chores and more. Fixing a blocked sink drain cannot be done by hand. Your new professional plumbing services, Desi Plumbers can fix your blocked sink with specialized tools in no time. But first, how do these seriously clogged sinks occur? Let’s find out:

Grease build up

One of the most common causes of a blocked kitchen sink is buildup of grease. Butter, animal fats and more tend to get smoothly passed down the drain but get stuck or get hard along the way. Desi Plumbers will help you fix a blocked sink and ensure a hassle free experience amid a plumbing crisis.

Hair accumulation

Hair is also a leading cause of a blocked bathroom sink. It tends to form giant hairballs in the pipe, giving a gross feeling. With our plumbing services, snake your drain to ensure a clean kitchen sink at fixed prices.

Stale food

Foods like rice, eggshells or even green veggies cause blocked kitchen drains. With leftover food sometimes pushed down the drain, items may get stuck in the pipe, leading to a massive mess! With Desi Plumbers, deal with this grease jams hassle-free.

Other ways

Your child’s toys, debris, foreign items, tree roots and more are popular causes of blocked sinks. These damages tend to break pipelines sometimes or block pipes. Call Desi Plumbers and get help from one of our professional drain experts today!

Hire Professional Drain Experts in Melbourne

If you are suffering at home or work because of a blocked kitchen sink or a blocked bathroom sink, Desi Plumbers can help you fix it. The problem of blocked sinks is common but, professional plumbers can deal with it quickly; sometimes, prevent blocked sinks as well. To keep the system running, we use Epoxy resin which is lab-tested and approved.