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Having Gas Plumbing Issues in Your Home or Business?

We provide a comprehensive range of residential and business gas plumbing services to match your needs, whether you need a basic gas range installation or a total gas line replacement. We are constantly striving to meet our customer expectations by guaranteeing that each customer receives the highest level of services possible.

In Melbourne, the experts at Desi Plumbers collaborate with gas engineering professionals to assure the safety of your gas appliances and residence. Our experts in gas plumbing installation or repair services are readily accessible. We are prepared to take on any job, whether you are extending a property or require new plumbing, beginning from scratch, or dealing with maintenance difficulties. We’ll do everything we can to make each install or repair as fast, efficient, and affordable as possible!

We Guarantee the Customer Satisfaction:

We offer a number of cost-cutting options to both residential and business customers. To provide you with satisfying and secure service, we combine the best quality components and equipment with our commitment to producing great work.

  • Gas Stove Installation.
  • Gas Leak Testing.
  • Gas pressure adjustment.
  • Gas Hot Water Installation & Service and more.
  • Our inventory is based on modern equipment.
  • We Offer reasonable prices with no hidden fees.
  • We work round the clock to ensure your safety.
  • We Resolve your plumbing concerns.

Why Desi Plumbers?

We at Desi Plumbers can take care of your gas installation and leakage related worries. As a professional company, we believe that our clients should feel safe after going to bed or leaving someone at home. Our team of professional installers aim to test your gas leakage and place gas stoves at your residence. If you’re looking for better user experience, simply contact us to hire us. If you have any queries or specific needs, we are available to serve you anytime.


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