Explore new options with bidet attachments

Desi Plumbers supplies top-quality bidets with a warranty. Be rest assured, all our bidets are watermark approved and we install bidets with RPZ.

Benefits of installing a bidet include:

  • Eco-friendly alternative as it leads to less Toilet paper usage
  • Improves overall hygiene with minimal maintenance needs
  • Regular savings and safety ensured
  • An exciting experience for all



Bidets cherry-picked for You

Bidet sprays play an essential role in the evolution of bathrooms and toilets. With quick and efficient plumbing services by Desi Plumbers, installing a bidet gets easier than ever! Explore bidets in Melbourne to meet your needs:

Freestanding bidet

Popular across Europe, this traditional bidet provides comfortable seating, ensures hygiene and thorough cleaning. If you have a busy life, this bidet will work great for you!

Built-in bidet

This is a 2-in-1 option with both bidet and toilet. If you are looking for a comfortable, easy to use, and simple bidet, this is the one. The whole seat cover comes off and a new seat cover, compatible with your toilet gets installed. The bidet or water spray system is all integrated with the bidet seat and it looks quite neat and very easy to use for even a 2-year-old child without any mess in the toilet.  There won’t be any water splashing on the floor or walls.

Bidet toilet seat

Looking for a quick addition to your toilet? A bidet toilet seat can be fitted in to any toilet replacing the existing toilet seat. It combines a toilet seat with a washing facility. This is old now so we don’t recommend due its complexity and risks of bursting. The electric variants come with additional features like dryer, warm water, remote setting, warm seat in winter, laser light, deodorant, remote controlled seat etc. Electric bidets require power point unlike just bidet seat which works on cold water pressure only.

Handheld bidet

Prefer holding your bidet? Try bidet spray. Ensure you are always in control over your bidet with our handheld range of bidets. Enjoy benefits like hot water supply  bidet and more.

Buy Bidet of your Choice

We sell bidets from top brands at lowest prices that are not available elsewhere. When you buy a bidet from us, we also help you with the installation. Desi Plumbers is always available to help you meet plumbing needs without any additional costs. We assure you that our professionals are well-aware of regulations, preferences and More, recording the best for you. If you happen to enhance your bathroom experience, give us a ring.

Lowest prices guaranteed

We specialize in Toilet jets, Toilet Faucets and Toilet Bidets. Our expertise in this area will assure that you get suitable product that comes in your budget. We guarantee best bidets in Melbourne, Australia.

We carry a wide range of watermark stamped Bidets that can fit on you existing toilets. Note: The Bidets/ Faucets must be installed with RPZ.


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